Friday, February 6, 2009

A Vogue Jacket

Many moons ago a co-worker of mine asked me if I wanted her grandmother's fabric stash. YIKES...of course, I do. Amongst the treasure was this navy blue/turquoise plaid. I had an old Vogue pattern I thought I'd try. I'm sorry the pic is small and I don't have the pattern number with me here at work. So, I spent Martin Luther King weekend sewing it up.

This is a pic of the inside of the jacket showing how the facing is attached to the sleeve...I thought this was a nice touch, but after trying it on, it looked like this.....

Kinda bunched up. (Actually this pic is worse than it really looked :)) So, I decided to rip out the arm seam and cut the facing smaller so that it wasn't attached anymore.

Here is the finished product. I'm really happy with it. Not only was it extremely easy to sew, it was a "free" jacket!! yeah.
Now, I have to get better at picture taking and ask my husband to take pictures of me actually wearing my creations....hehe...

1 comment:

Julia said...

I love the colors. A friend gave me her mother's stash a couple of years ago. What a gift!


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