Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fabric pieces and scraps...

I did it again.  Shopping Craiglist.  This woman is a quilter and was getting rid of alot of fabric scraps...I just couldn't resist.  I piled it up on my kitchen counter, must to my husband's dismay....hehehe.
There were a couple knit pieces that I can  use for t-shirts but alot of it was scraps, some big, some small.
So, I dug out this pattern I purchased a couple months ago and decided to make a handbag!  I used to make handbags years ago and thought I should try again....there are so many pretty pieces to put together:
Minnie, my cat is sitting on them.
Nothing new there!!
I know, I'm not the best photographer, but I'm making the bottom one in turquoise prints and dark brown.
I started it this morning and hopefully with have it done by tonight.....ya right.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh boy look at all that wonderful fabric. My hubby doesn't mind me having a lot of fabric with 2 rules only. It needs to have a use and we must have room for it. Good rules in a little house!

Julia said...

i need to clear out my scraps before buying someone else's! LOL!!! I have company coming in a couple of days and I know they are going to want to see where I sew. I guess that's what closet doors are for. Just stuff it in and close it!!!
I would feel that I was in heaven with a new batch of fabric like that though.
I love your fabrics for the purse!!!


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