Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What a month.....sewing tons, wedding, and no job.

Been busy making two dresses for a wedding, one for my daughter and one for myself.  We had a "roadtrip" to Leesburg Virginia this past weekend for the celebration.  My daughter's boyfriend's sister got married.  It was a great weekend, I really enjoyed myself.

I took pictures of the two, but my camera sucks.  Meanwhile my husband purchased a new one and it is so much better....I'm looking forward to taking more detailed pics of my sewing.
I used the front pattern piece
to create the back too.  Then she wanted red highlights, so we glued on these rhinestones.

I don't have a picture of the
full dress....now, it's at her house and I can't take pictures with my new camera.

For my dress, I used the exact same pattern, but switched bodices to the sleeve version.
I added a trim
of pretty sparkly rhinestones.  They cost more than the fabric!

This is a back view.  I'm really happy with the results and love this pattern.                                                                                                           

THEN, I got laid off from my job of 8 1/2 years.  Wow.  My boss is moving his practice to a small lawfirm with his sister to a town that is too far for me to drive.  I am happy, sad, scared, excited all in one emotion.  Truly a strange feeling.  I've been working for 34 years, with one year off for each of my children, part-time or full-time depending on my situation.

I do have two interviews this week.  I'm not nervous, i'll get a job soon, right?
Or maybe I could just stay home and sew!.

Wish me luck!


Julia said...

The dresses are beautiful. I love the embellishments. It's sad that the trims cost so much, though.
It would be great if you could stay home and sew, but you really wouldn't get to, because people who know you aren't "working" start asking you to do all kinds of things that keep you busy. Time to learn the word "No!"
Hope that whatever happens that it is the best for you.

Toocutedobs said...

Wow, two job interviews already? I say that sounds like you'll have a job in no time. Until then enjoy the freedom. And you know freedom comes with a cost---yep, no pay check :)

Alethia said...

Two beautiful dresses~ Two job interviews~ sounds like you don't have TOO much to worry about. :)
I hope all is well at this time.


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