Tuesday, November 8, 2011

McCalls - fleece jacket finished.

This is what I did all weekend.  Well, most of the weekend.  It was quick and easy...especially working with fleece.  I had a huge remnant of black and a small piece of yellow, although it looks more cream colored in the pictures I took. 

The little pocket on the sleeve is for my IPOD....I tried to angle my camera to get a better shot, but it didn't work.  A photographer - I am not.
This is a great pattern to put together for a gift for someone...hmmmmm....

My sister gave me a box of fabric pieces that she didn't want anymore!!  So, on to my next project...thinking a blazer....jean jacket.....not sure.  But, I'm loving this free time.  I should be downstairs vacumming, washing the kitchen floor........um nah!

Or, maybe this:


Faye Lewis said...

Love your color blocking. Looks like a nice and cozy jacket for upstate NY.

gwensews said...

Nothing like a fleece jacket on a chilly day. Color blocking is so in style. You did a great job!


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