Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm Back

Well, I'm back, after an almost 6 month hiatus!! I don't February got a really bad attack of colitis and was in the hospital for two days....then my cat Abby died :(.....lost interest in sewing and lots of stuff because of work husband's job was giving him lots of stress...which gives me stress.....BUT, I'm back and I've been sewing lots. I will post some pics.

My daughter moved back home in June to save money for a my little sewing alcove became her bedroom again. Now, I'm downstairs in the spare bedroom. But, ya know, with my knees and the stairwell...I'm kinda happier down here. Good news tho, they are closing on their home next week!


Faye Lewis said...

Welcome back!

julia said...

I've missed you! Welcome back!

Little Sewing Alcove said...

thank you Faye and Julia...It's nice to be back!!


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