Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lots of sewing ahead....

My wool came in today!! My nice UPS man brought it to my desk at work. I love getting prizes……I have all my things delivered to work because I’m never home…It is prettier than I expected! My question to you all is…..Do I treat it? Wash it? Dry Clean it? or just cut it as is?? I’ve decided on this pattern….it’s fairly uncomplicated….

BUT, before I get to my coat project I have lots of alterations to do….all hems.

I did finally get around to taking a pic of my corduroy jacket I finished last month. This was the easiest pattern I’ve done in a long time….no alterations except the shoulders, I cut into the shoulder about 1”…AND the alteration I make on everything I neck to waist measurement, I take it up about 1 1/2"..
but if you are looking for a quick, fitted jacket without lining, this is the one. I plan on making more of these…great jackets to wear to work.


Gotta git off here......


julia said...

Sew glad you got your wool fabric! Fun times ahead! That jacket is wonderful!!!

Kat said...

I dry clean good wool for the first time at the dry cleaners, then most of the time I put it in the dryer using the home dry cleaning kit. That is, unless I get the wool garment particularly dirty (like my black pea coat that's sitting in my closet).


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