Friday, November 13, 2009

Wool Coat Fabric from

Well, I did it!!!!  I ordered wool from  I looked here in Buffalo for wool and had no luck.  It's called Russian's mostly black.  Of course, I had to call customer service and find out it if truly is heavy enough for our winters.  She confirmed that it would be.  I'm so excited about getting my package!  It took me more than two weeks to make this decision, you have to understand, I'm AWFUL at making decisions....
I'm not worried about making a winter coat, I'm just not used to spending alot on fabric.  I'm a very frugal sewer.  If I can purchase something in the store cheaper or equivalent, I do it.  Are you guys that way? Or do you like sewing all your clothes.

Wouldn't it be nice to have time to do that?

I decided on Simplicity 3672 which is pictured below in another post.  I'm going to make the short version.

This weekend Im going to take pics of a corduroy jacket I finished, plus my neighbor brought me over SEVEN pairs of pants with lining to I will be a busy bee.

And, I do want to dig into that jacket I cut out Sunday night.....still undecided on the sleeve.

Happy Sewing....

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Kat said...

That IS exciting! I love sewing with wool.


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