Monday, June 14, 2010

Blogging update...

I have been fact I finished a black blouse and a pretty pink blouse...same pattern and plenty of alterations from people answering my Ad!!  yeah!!.  I still have two bridesmaids dresses to alter. 

I'm so glad that I invested $35.00 in a rolled hem foot for my Viking.  At first I was like "$35.00 dollars, are you kidding me right now?" being my cheap self.....but, what a great investment.  I've used it twice in one year....and now three more times this month.  It makes a gorgeous hem, that is, after I played with it and tested it on several scraps of fabric.  Supposedly my White Serger has a rolled hem option....but ICK.....never looked nice.

I do have a little problem with one of the dresses.  The cup size has to be taken in.  I can't take in the side seams, I have to take in the two seams directly over each bust point.  Does that make sense?  I'm so afraid of making the boobs look pointy.  This alteration shouldn't be difficult, but for some reason it scares me.  (Same with alterations around shoulders...not good with them).

Just letting my blog friends now that Yes, I'm still alive.....even though I caught a wicked cold and I'm on DAY SIX of it!!

During my days in bed sick, I've kept up with all my blogs and have enjoyed the inspiration as usual!

Happy Sewing....

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Julia said...

I hope you'll be up and feeling better really soon. I'd love to see your sewing projects.


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