Friday, May 21, 2010

Vintage sewing.

This morning before getting ready for work I started pulling out all my vintage patterns.  I posted some of them in my Etsy shop a while back, and some I left for myself.  I love these old patterns....the pictures......the PRICES....just the look of them...ya know?  I have quite a collection from Estate sales and Craigslist!

But anyway,  I want to make something for my other Etsy shop to sell.  I know about the copyright problem, and would make them different from the pattern itself....perhaps trace and create an entirely different piece...but just to get ideas, here is what I pulled out:

Now, I'm not into the coats, but I do like the collar little Miniature Pinscher loves to pull when we go for a walk.  I mean, she's six years old and is still spunky.  Anyway, I would make this collar cover...maybe out of fleece, decorate it a little....maybe embroider a name on it???  What say you?

And these:

Aren't they just too cute??

Oh, then for myself, I just love this dress, but I would have to alter the pattern to make it bigger.

I just adore the cut-out look on the top.  It would even make a cute top...hmmmm.....

And this one would make a great dress for lounging in the backyard this summer...a thin cotton fabric maybe?  I love the ties on the straps.

So as you can see, my brain is in overdrive today....


julia said...

Love the vintage looks! Tell me how you like having an Etsy shop!

Mimi Jackson said...

Oh, the doggie pattern is the best!!!! I'm not a dog person, at all, but I can tell you, from the number of things I have been asked to make for dogs(as a dressmaker), that pattern would have been ideal! I haven't seen others like it...


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