Sunday, May 16, 2010

Re-fashioned T-Shirt

While I was at Walgreen's last weekend, they were selling t-shirts for $2.50 each.  For all you people that live in the States, I'm sure you know what Walgreens is, especially the East Coast.  For all you that don't, it's a large pharmacy, that sells everything imaginable, with a small pharmaceutical counter in the back.  Pharmacy?  yeah.  I purchased  this XXL t-shirt.

Cut off the sleeves and placed pattern piece on top:
Then placed the pieces on the body of the shirt, with Minnie's help, of course.  You can see from the pattern piece where I have altered my TNT (Simplicity 4076)....oh yeah, yet another one!!  I bring up the waistline almost 2", so I have to add that much on the bottom, plus I added a few more because I wanted it longer still.
I placed the pattern right at the bottom so that I could utilize the nice doubled stitched hem.
Sewed it up and now I have a t-shirt that looks much nicer.  Me and round necklines are not a good match.

Will I do it again?  Probably not, just wanted to know if I could. I've seen so many other blogs where people did such interesting things.


waikikimum said...

That looks awesome - you have done a great job and now have a flattering t-shirt. Kathy

Toocutedobs said...

You started with a really kinda ugly Wal-Mart shirt and turned it into WAY CUTE!!! I like it! Talented lady that is what you are.

Heather said...

What a great transformation. From a masculine tee to a definitely feminine one!

Angelia said...

GREAT re-fashion! I often refashion because sometimes you can buy clothing so much cheaper that uncut fabric! Like with jeans... I love jeans.. and I can make them.. but the denim I like is about $15 a yd takes 2 yds, and it takes 3 days to make them,sometimes longer if I embroidery or disstress them.. I can buy great name brand jeans at thrift stores and tj maxx type stores for $5 to $15, that are made from even better denim than I can buy most of the time! Then I can embroidery, disstress.. whatever!so I've saved time and money! but still have great original jeans.
I will use you T refashion ideal for sure!!

Kat said...

What a great refashion! And you can't be that price for making a ho-hum plain tee into a fashionable top.


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