Friday, July 30, 2010

New Look Pattern for a co-worker...

I used to make custom clothing, primarily bridesmaid dresses, years ago.  Since then I've learned alot more about fitting.  I used to just "jump" into a pattern and cut it out, never making a muslin.  Luckily, it worked out for me.  Must have been a guardian angel!!!

These past ten years I've learned more about fitting and hopefully I will put it to use with this pattern.

She wants the style of the black dress, with matching jacket.

SO, here I go....Lucky for me, she is almost the exact measurements as my "Ellie".

I have to take it in a little more at the top and I'm good to go.

I'm also going to put on an invisible zipper.  It's also been years since I've done that, but if my memory is right, it wasn't difficult.  I just have to locate the foot.

Hopefully, I will cut out the fabric this weekend and get started.  The pattern is very simple to make.  Unlined jacket.  The pattern called only for lining the top.  But, I think it will be nicer to line the skirt too.


Eugenia said...

That's a really nice looking pattern - I love the dress and the jacket. Good luck with the invisible zipper - I'm sure you'll do fine, personally I think they're easier to insert than regular ones.

Julia said...

I think this is why I don't sew for myself. Don't want the hassle of trying to make something fit.


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