Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation Time and some sewing...

I'm on vacation...yea!  It's so nice to sit in the morning with my cup of coffee and just relax and not have to hurry up to rush out the door.  We are just doing day trips....restaurants....poolside....nothing much...but that was the plan.

Of course, I'm getting called to do more alterations than usual this month, on top of sewing projects of my own.  (psst...I think my husband is jeolous of my sewing machines)...

My neighbor is losing alot of weight (so far over 100 lbs!! God Bless her)...I have two pairs of pants, two skirts and t-shirts...All to be taken in down the sides and hemmed.

Then another customer from 7 years ago called me for a "rush" job of two skirts and two tops to be hemmed.  I'm almost done with them.

That's OK, I can sure use the money.

As for my sewing projects?  One of the attorney's that I work for...his wife is having a baby due any day;  I wanted to make up something other than just a boring layette outfit.  I picked this pattern and fabric:  Yes, she is having a girl (at least I hope so! hehe)

Wish my camera took a brighter pic...tried to enhance it..ah, picture taking isn't my thing.
Isn't it cute though?  I hope she gets a chance to wear it.  I did cut out the Newborn size and while sewing it, I'm making the seams larger than normal, to make it a tad smaller.

Well, better git off of this puter and finish those alterations before it gets too hot here.

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Heather said...

Sometimes those are the best vacations when you don't go away. More relaxing.
I have that same pattern. I bought it when my Granddaughter was born but never made it up. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished product.


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