Thursday, July 22, 2010

Butterick 3405 Newborn Outfit

Yeah, I'm done.  Hopefully I can wrap it up tonight and bring it into work tomorrow.  It is for one of the attorneys I work with.  His wife is having her first baby.

It hard to see, but I found buttons in my stash that match the flowers in the dress..same shapes.  And I also put them on the back too.

This was a very easy pattern, but I revised it a little.  The armholes had facings.  Who needs facings flopping around on a little baby?  So, I cut them to 1/2" wide and stitched them down.  Also the pattern called for the neck facing to be sewn on -  right sides together, then turned under 1/4" and stitched down from the inside.  The bobbin thread showed on the outside and was a little uneven, so I did it reversed, stitching it down - straight - on the outside.  Does that make sense? Hope so.

Ok, now what next?

Oh yeah, the female attorney I worked with asked me to make new a dress and jacket.  I will start posting pics on my progress soon....wish me luck!


Eugenia said...

Oh that is so CUTE! I love those pretty colours. What a beautiful and generous gift!

Heather said...

That little outfit turned out very cute!

Toocutedobs said...

WOW! That is gorgeous. So bright and fun.

gwensews said...

How cute! A great gift!

Helen said...

That's a gorgeous outfit. The baby will look beautiful wearing it. I can't wait to see the photos of the jacket and dress you're going to make for the attorney.

SGDS in WA said...

Beautiful little dress! I am making one of these just now too.


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