Monday, August 23, 2010

OHBOY, I've been so slow in getting this "New Look" dress finished.  I'm just so unsure of myself, sewing for other people.  I have NO problems ripping out a brand new dress that someone needs altering tho!!  In fact, that's what I've been up to all last week.

I altered a bridesmaid's dress from a 14 down to a 10.  Oh yeah, that was tons of fun.  But I did it.  You can only imagine my fear when she came over to try it on.  Gratefully, it fit and she was happy!  Then someone called me with six pairs of shorts and a dress.  Those, I completed this morning.

Now the dress for my attorney friend....

I did the invisible zip:
I couldn't find my plastic foot for this, so I just did it without.  One trick is to iron the plastic teeth flat.  Then get as close to them as possible with your zipper attachment, which I did.  It came out great!

Then I pinned the lining to the zip:

Well, I HATE to hand sew.  I need to learn some good techniques, because my handsewing comes apart sometimes, like hems.  This pattern only called for lining on the top, but I added it to the skirt for looks and stability.  But, back to my handsewing.  After I took this picture I decided to attach the lining to the zipper and bottom center back seam with my machine.  Sorry, I don't have a picture of that.  It certainly doesn't look at professional, but I know it will hold for a long time.

So, basically I'm done with the dress.  Now, I need to start the jacket.  That is after a new alterations I have coming in this week...ugh.  I'm not complaining, I like the extra money.


Faye Lewis said...

Looks great to me from the inside. Me and invisible zippers, man oh man, I still almost freeze up when trying to put one in. I still need practice.

Helen said...

That looks fantastic! Great photo of putting in the invisible zipper. You are very clever to be sewing that outfit for someone else. And to alter that bridemaid's dress from a 14 to a 10 - you're amazing!! I wouldn't know where to start. Congratulations!

Heather said...

Good work on the dress!

When you are pressing the teeth of the invisible zipper flat do you have to worry about them melting? Do you have to use a press cloth?

Kathy said...

Heather, they didn't melt. And no, I didn't use a press cloth. I just went ahead and ironed them. Luckily, it worked out for me!!

Alethia said...

Kathy that's a great tip about ironing the zipper teeth flat. Everybody has their method of getting that darn invisible zipper in place. If you don't mind, I will share your tip on Sew Much Talent. I'm asked about the installation of visible zippers all the time.


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