Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dress is done man! But I still have the jacket to do.  I'm sure y'all are tired of looking at it.

It came out great....didn't like the handsewing part, but ya do what ya gotta do.  I had to handsew the facing down (which was actually the "collar and shoulder" part of the dress.

The inside?  not so proud of.  If it was for myself, I wouldn't care.  Instead of handsewing the lining to the zipper like I was going to do....I did this:

I attached the lining to the zip along with the main fabric.

I loved the invisible zipper....and will definitely always do these.

My camera was not being cooperative today, blurry.
Not sure what I'm going to work on next.  I would like to make a blouse for work.  My daughter is going to a wedding October 23rd and asked me to make her a dress.  So we are going out tonight fabric and pattern shopping.  She is going to be hard to fit because she is very large busted, but I'm going to do my best!!

Happy Sewing!


Toocutedobs said...

I mailed your package today 1st class mail. So maybe Monday or Tuesday of next week. Or really lucky maybe Saturday of this week. Nice work on the dress too.

Julia said...

This dress looks awesome. The lucky lady you made it for will be thrilled.

Helen said...

The dress looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the jacket. Good luck with your daughter's outfit. Can't wait to see that either.


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