Monday, September 20, 2010

Been busy in my sewing room....

but nothing to really show for least completed.
 I started the dress for my daughter. 
Simplicity 3503

Found some old knit fabric I had stashed away, for a muslin.

She is busty, so I knew I couldn't go straight with the pattern piece.  I was going to have to make some adjustments.  So, here I go.......

I added 3" to the bottom of the front and back bodice.
When she buys tops in stores the bodice falls short on her.  If she buys bigger clothes, they are too big everywhere else.

Because she wanted more gathers at the bottom, I slashed the front piece an inch or so.

Then I traced that piece onto paper. 
She wants the back to look just like the front, with a "V".  The pattern called for a full back.  So I took that same pattern piece and cut it straighter on the bottom, as you can see in the first pic.

Then I sewed it up to have her try it on:

It looks funny "smooshed" on the table...but I'm sure glad I made up my own pattern, because so far it fits her well.  Now I have to buy the fabric.  The wedding is next month.

I got a couple alteration jobs this week. Two pairs of pants to hem, a lined dress to hem and an American Flag to repair a rip on one of the stripes!!

With this skirt, this woman asked me to take out all the pleats and make it flat front.  Pleats are not always flattering.  Haven't started that yet.  I'll post pics when I'm done.

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