Monday, October 4, 2010

Sewing like pictures.

I finished my purple fall jacket yesterday.  Took all sorts of pictures, even had my husband take a picture of me wearing it!! 

My camera didn't have the memory card in it.  :(

It took the pictures, but there is no way to get them off the camera and onto my computer.  (It's old).

Along with finishing the coat, I cut out my daughter's dress in the good fabric and she came over to try it on.  It's huge!!  I'm not sure what I did wrong...the muslin came out good.  I think I just added too much at the bottom.  Either way, it is fixable.

Besides that I have been doing alot of alterations.  Which is good, I need the extra money.  Saving up for a weekend trip to Virginia at the end of the month.  Family wedding.  It will be in Leesburg....anybody know of some fabric shops around there??  I was looking at the SR Harris Fabric Store in Minnesota...all the fabrics....maybe we could make a roadtrip out of that next summer!!  But I would have to take a paperbag....because I would have anxiety issues with all those choices...yikes.

well....tonight pictures of my jacket.....


[patty the snug bug] said...

hey there! I just got back from afternoon errands that included SR Harris, poured some coffee and sat down to take a blog-break! Fun to see you mention it! I love to complain about the dearth of fabric shops in Minneapolis, but at least we have SR Harris in it's overwhelming, um, overwhelming-ness....

Faye Lewis said...

Looking forward to seeing your purple jacket.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Fashion shoots are tough, and then to go to all that work for the shots not to be there - UGH!

Julia said...

I can't wait to see your jacket. I love purple!!!!
Leesburg????? I don't know of any fabric stores there, but if you find any let me know. We travel through VA often going to see our girls in the NE.
I haven't commented lately but I have been checking out your blog. You have been busy.


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