Thursday, October 27, 2011


from the Wizard of Oz.  That's what my daughter announced she wanted to be this year.  She is throwing a Halloween party tomorrow night .  I am NOT a fan of making costumes...seems like such a waste of time.  I'd much rather spend time sewing something you can actually wear.....I love Halloween, in fact, it's my son's birthday.  He was born 10-31-1983!!  And what a treat he is!

Got the pattern and fabric.
She even found red sparkly slippers at WalMart.

Finished today:

Trust's just slapped together.  No finished seams on the inside or special hemming... It was fun...I'm glad that I had the time to do it for her.  She is going to put her hair in braids...and no, her fiance is not going to be the scarecrow....

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