Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Butterick Jacket and Vest Done

Amongst the fabric my sister gave me, she also gave me patterns.  In the box I found this jacket and thought it was really cute.  Not sure how old it is or if they even print it anymore.
I decided on the red one.  I added about two inches to the hemline.
This picture is up close so you can see the fabric better.

 I don't plan on wearing the tan turtleneck underneath, but it was in my closet so I grabbed it for the photo.  I think a bright green, yellow or pink would be pretty.

I had black lining, but no matter how I sqeezed, put the pattern pieces in different directions...just couldn't get enuf to cut out.  So I found some pink that I had.  Who cares?  Even if I wear a different color top, no one will even know.....

I just got a new job.....so one more thing to wear!

Then I put together a quick vest....it was a "one" hour vest....but by the time I was done, it turned out to be around 3 hours.  The front piece came done WAY too long and just looked silly....so after cutting and re-doing, came out with this:

I think it's cool in a "bohemian, hippie" kinda way!!


Faye Lewis said...

Love both, especially the jacket.

gwensews said...

I have that jacket pattern. Your version is super. The vest is relaly cute, too.

Toocutedobs said...

Pretty! Love the jacket and the jacket pattern.


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