Sunday, March 8, 2015

Butterick B5792 - Long Nightgown

This was such an easy pattern to sew up.  I asked a friend what she would like for her birthday; she said that she would love a white gown.  My brain is dead, can't think of the name of the fabric...geesh...old age.

I picked up Butterick B5792.

I ordered this fabric on and didn't even realize it had a border on it..Bonus, I thought, perfect for the bottom.

 This is it gathered at the bottom....the print is sideways for the gown itself, but so unnoticable...well, maybe....:)
 I added a small trim around the neckline to give it more detail.

 Added a pretty pink ribbon and it's done!!

I hope she likes it, or better yet, hope it fits.  Luckily, its a nightgown and doesn't matter if it is a little large.  If it's small, then I'm in trouble.

Next, for myself, I'm making the pajamas for a green nylon, also from

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Toocutedobs said...

Eyelet is the word I believe you were looking for in the name of the fabric. I do hate it when my mind goes blank in search for a word :)


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