Tuesday, March 24, 2015


My daughter asked me to make a sleepsack for my 5 month grandson.  She wanted it to be longer than the one he was quickly growing out of, so.....

I compared the one she brought over to a pattern I found in my stash.  Seeing as they are big Buffalo Sabres fans (who are losing), I also found some Sabres fabric in my stash.

This is the end result.

It looks so cute on him.  Should have taken a picture, but did not :(

This pattern ran SO big, I had to cut it way back.  I don't know how these pattern companies think a 6 month baby fits in their pattern, but the original one he was swimming in.  Plus I added the ribbing.  The pattern just wanted me to turn it back and stitch it down....I think this looks so much better!!!  For the ribbing I used a yellow fleece I had, cut crossgrain.

I'm making two more, but out of flannel,

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Toocutedobs said...

Very cute! And I love the ribbing you added. Just the perfect touch for this. What pattern was it?


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